viroenergy.logoPeople have moved over conventional methods of heating their homes. Conventional heating in homes includes warming up of the air. For example in a radiator, most of the heating is done through convection currents. The method of infrared heating has become the recent trend which is followed in every household. It is a fairly recent addition to the domestic and commercial heating scene-the infrared heater. Infrared radiation is emitted from the heater, which then travels unconstrained until it hits an external object.

If the infrared rays come into contact with the humans, they travel about an inch into the body. This provides a feeling of deep heat. Even if you are not directly in the way of the waves, any solid body hit by the waves will vibrate which will thereby cause them to radiate the heat back towards you. These days’ experts in the market are suggesting using infrared panels at home.

These infrared panels do not need any pipe work or fuel storage facilities. This process saves a lot of space, money and time. There also no direct emissions associated with the usage of infrared panels. In case you use infrared panels in conjunction with solar panels you may get 100% emission free heating. You can place the infrared heater on the ceiling so they can be easily kept away from pets and children.

I had decided to become an environment enthusiast long back. I thought the first step towards doing it would be to install infrared and solar panels in my house. After learning the benefits of these I was convinced the renewable sources of energy on earth can be consumed only if people became a little more judicious and sensitive. I started encouraging my neighbours and relatives to get rid of the conventional methods of heating their homes. The infrared heating would do much more benefits to their homes as compared to the traditional ones.

The process by which infrared heating works is quite simple. It functions by heating the surface area of the room and not the volume as in the case of traditional convection heaters. This means that they are heating considerably less, yet providing the same amount of heat. In houses when you use infrared heating to heat up walls the heat is retained inside, since they are made up of thermal mass. This helps in keeping the rooms comfy and cozy.

Services of infrared heating Scotland have always been popular and easily installable. They are cheaper and easy to install as compared to wet central heating systems. Since infrared heating simply run on electricity there is no need to install a boiler or an additional pipe work for them to run. The panels themselves can be utilised to heat up the whole house. I can also turn them on and off as and when required and by doing this I can easily create my own heating zone.


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